17 Dec 2013

A Bouquet and What it Embodies

I was brought up with the idea that
 a gentleman should always bring a bouquet when visiting a lady.
This may sound a trifle old-fashioned,
but I'm inclined to abide by it.
For me, it is not about manners though.
I consider a bouquet a token of affection.  
See how happy Grandma was
when I presented a bouquet to her yesterday. 
We both knew that it was not the bouquet itself that brought her joy, but rather the deep affection it embodied. 
Similarly, it was not the snack 
Grandma prepared for me that warmed my heart,
but the loving tenderness with which she prepared it.


22 Nov 2013

The Best Things in Life are...

This is my living room.  There is nothing impressive about it. 
As you can see, I've got only the bare essentials.
But I don't need to be a billionaire to be happy, do I?
After all, life is not about material things.
When I was a little boy, my dad introduced me to a song
from the 50s called "The Best Things in Life are Free" which goes like this:
"The moon belongs to everyone,
the best things in life are free..."
The nice little song then goes on to say that the beauties of nature such as those of the stars, the flowers, the sun, the birds are all there for us to appreciate.  
I couldn't agree more!
To me, for example, a mere contented yap from my dog gives me more joy than a bowl of tasty "dan dan ramen".  
[PS:  I'm thrilled to have my own account. 
From now on, I can write posts in my own name and
 correspond with those of you who are on Google+.  
I hope you enjoy reading my very first post.  ;-) ]

16 Nov 2013

Showing My Face ^_^

Yes, yes, I know I've gone into a hiatus for quite some time. 

Krin said it's about time that I "showed my face".

I guess she's right.

So, here I am, sitting in front of my vanity table, desperately trying to fix my face with make-up before showing it.  Lol...

And this is the result of my amateurish make-up attempt.
I hope it is good enough to cover my countless blemishes!

20 Sep 2013


In this pose, Ramón certainly looks relaxed.
But this bottle of Cola is hard-earned.
Because, for the past couple of hours, Ramón had been helping me fixing things and moving my stuff around in my new apartment.
On the whole, I am quite satisfied with his work although he looked somewhat dazed at times.

 And most of all, I enjoyed his company. ^_^

15 Sep 2013

Koala Goes Shopping

Yes, these photos're taken at the convenience store. 
It's not much of a setting for a photo shoot
but at least it shows you that life goes on after the move.
I guess it's about time I uploaded a recent photo of myself.

And here's a close-up of what I've thrown into my shopping cart.

14 Sep 2013

Rose and Her New Cape

Rose lives next door to Violet.  She also got herself a Bratzillaz "Wicked Night Out" outfit. 
Unlike Violet, she picked the rosy-coloured set
to match with her Barbie dress.
From the smile on her face, we can tell that
she's quite happy with the overall effect.


8 Sep 2013

Lady Violet

Violet, our friend, is very imaginative and, perhaps, a little eccentric. 
Let me give you an example of her eccentricity.   
The other day, Violet bought herself a Bratzillaz "Wicked Night Out" outfit and an accessory pack.  The set was intended for teenagers who would like to dress up as modern day witches.
But Violet had other ideas of how she could use the set.
She wore the cape and the hat with a pair of pearl earrings and made us take close-up photos of her so that she looked more like a Victorian young lady than a teenage witch in this day and age.
Of course, we humoured her.  We even went so far as to address her as Lady Violet.

6 Sep 2013

Miss Hong Kong

Here are our two finalists. 
Which one do you like better?
The Lady in Burgundy or The Lady in Beige?
For me, I like them both. 
They are charming in their own ways.
Eventually, I crowned The Lady in Burgundy Miss Hong Kong only because I found the colour of her cheongsam more vibrant.



1 Sep 2013

New Home

Oh! Here you are! 
Thank you so much for dropping by! 
We are sorry that there still isn't much to look at because we have just moved in and are totally exhausted.


You see, many of us simply sprawled on the couch to take a rest as soon as we arrived at our new apartments.  Very few have the time and energy to decorate their new home.