22 Nov 2013

The Best Things in Life are...

This is my living room.  There is nothing impressive about it. 
As you can see, I've got only the bare essentials.
But I don't need to be a billionaire to be happy, do I?
After all, life is not about material things.
When I was a little boy, my dad introduced me to a song
from the 50s called "The Best Things in Life are Free" which goes like this:
"The moon belongs to everyone,
the best things in life are free..."
The nice little song then goes on to say that the beauties of nature such as those of the stars, the flowers, the sun, the birds are all there for us to appreciate.  
I couldn't agree more!
To me, for example, a mere contented yap from my dog gives me more joy than a bowl of tasty "dan dan ramen".  
[PS:  I'm thrilled to have my own account. 
From now on, I can write posts in my own name and
 correspond with those of you who are on Google+.  
I hope you enjoy reading my very first post.  ;-) ]