12 Sep 2014

Ramón's First Film Project

Hello, everyone!  Long time no see!

I've been rather busy lately.  "What for", you may ask.

Well, the truth is... I've been trying my hands at film-making.
Thanks to my friends, Isamu and Krin, who kindly agreed to star in my film, my dream of becoming a director finally came true.

Isamu, the leading man
Isamu and Krin, the next cinema idols

Now, ladies and gentlemen, may I, Ramón Achilles, present to you, my very first short film:


23 Aug 2014

All Lives Are Precious

When I read about the accident in which a stray dog was hit and killed by a subway train in Hong Kong, I was sad and angry because, judging from the news coverage, the poor dog could have been saved, had the situation been handled properly.
I would like to remind those who might have had a hand in mishandling the situation:
All lives are precious.
So none should be treated with contempt, as if they were weeds.
Acting with compassion is the first step towards having a heart of gold.
Without a heart of gold,
man is by no means superior to other living things on earth.

13 Jul 2014


Dear friends, I'm terribly sorry for failing to respond to your messages and visiting you at your blogs over the months. 
Due to some 'emergencies' on the home front, I had to vacate my apartment hastily with almost only my personal belongings.  That's why I haven't been able to keep in touch with you.  And with 99% of my toys  left behind at my old home, I found it next to impossible for me to update my blog.
Luckily for me, I discovered today that I still have a couple of unpublished photos stored in my notebook.  With them, I guess I'll be able to keep my blog 'alive' for a while longer.  
Okay, let me start with a photo of lovely Krin in her fairy outfit.  

3 May 2014

Hitomi ひとみ

Shouichi will soon have a new neighbour because a Japanese lady, Hitomi (ひとみ), will be moving into the house across the street. 

This morning, Hitomi visited the house which will soon be her new home to see whether everything was in order.

First, she made a beeline for her bedroom to check the wardrobe, which was, to her,  the most important piece of furniture in the entire house. 

Having satisfied herself that the wardrobe was clean and ready to be filled to the brim with her clothes, she returned to the living room, and began to think of how she was going to decorate her dream house.  Do you have any suggetions for her?

11 Apr 2014

Shouichi's Dinner

Shouichi is a nice guy; there is no doubt about it.
But he does has his fault: absent-mindedness.
It is therefore not unusal that he sometimes finds his fridge empty when he is about to make dinner.

And when that happens, he has to improvise,
as was the case tonight.
He looked here and there in his kitchen for anything edible.
After much ado, he found
what he wanted in the corner of the sink. 

Yes, his can of growing cherry tomato!
The few ripe ones went into a bowl of salad
 which eventually became his meagre dinner.

26 Mar 2014

Miss Amelia

Allow me to introduce you to
 Miss Amelia, our teacher.
As you can see, she bears a striking resemblance
 to Audrey Hepburn, the Hollywood Actress.
But the resemblance does not end there.
Miss Amelia, like Hepburn, is 
thoughtful and tender-hearted.
She told us in class, more than once, that 
she admired Hepburn
for her wisdom and her humanity.
And Miss Amelia finds Hepburn's observation
on children's welfare most inspiring: 
  "The Human obligation is
to help children who are suffering
anywhere in the world. 
All the rest is luxury and trivial."
(as quoted in How To Be Lovely: The Audrey Hepburn Way of Life, by Melissa Hellstern)

27 Jan 2014

Shouichi 翔一

Shouichi has recently moved into the neighbourhood. 
Unlike most young men in their early twenties,
he spends a lot of time in solitude, reading and thinking about the meaning of life and whatnot.   
As he is always deep in thought,
he looks serious all the time.  
While he may not be demonstrative, he is invariably kind to everyone, animals and humans alike.  According to Ramón's grandma who lives next door to him, Shouichi is a hero in the making, for he has a noble mind which is both
gentle and righteous.     

23 Jan 2014

One Mystery Follows Another ...

Katrina has always been regarded as
the mystery lady in the neighbourhood because nobody knows much about her.
Today, while strolling on the street, She found herself thoroughly intrigued
 as she caught sight of 
a total stranger. 
 At first, he had his back to her.
Then as he turned around,
she was able to see him in profile.

 Just one look at him was enough
to pique her curiosity.
Katrina was determined
to find out more about this
 mystery man with a handsome face.