27 Jan 2014

Shouichi 翔一

Shouichi has recently moved into the neighbourhood. 
Unlike most young men in their early twenties,
he spends a lot of time in solitude, reading and thinking about the meaning of life and whatnot.   
As he is always deep in thought,
he looks serious all the time.  
While he may not be demonstrative, he is invariably kind to everyone, animals and humans alike.  According to Ramón's grandma who lives next door to him, Shouichi is a hero in the making, for he has a noble mind which is both
gentle and righteous.     

23 Jan 2014

One Mystery Follows Another ...

Katrina has always been regarded as
the mystery lady in the neighbourhood because nobody knows much about her.
Today, while strolling on the street, She found herself thoroughly intrigued
 as she caught sight of 
a total stranger. 
 At first, he had his back to her.
Then as he turned around,
she was able to see him in profile.

 Just one look at him was enough
to pique her curiosity.
Katrina was determined
to find out more about this
 mystery man with a handsome face.