29 Jun 2015

After School

When we were kids, Krin and I always invited each other home after school.

We usually started off by studying.

Krin took her studies seriously.  
I, however, got bored soon, and 
started toying with the stationery.

When Krin was on the phone, 
I took a peep at her notebook.  
Her notes were all very neat and tidy.

Not long after that came tea time!

I really love this "Little Twin Stars" tea set.

After tea, we decided to chill out a bit.  
So, I took the opportunity to show Krin 
my new "playthings" - 
face powder and nail polish.
Krin was particularly interested in the latter and immediately tried it on her toe nails.

While she waited for the nail polish to dry, 
I suggested that we have some snacks 
and watch TV.

And that was how we spent the rest of the afternoon, with all our schoolwork forgotten.