12 Jun 2016

A Date with ...

It's a beautiful Sunday, and Krin has a date, for which she's all dressed up, complete with sunglasses.

In case you're wondering who her date is, well, here's the answer:
Krin is having a date with ... home-brewed coffee!

Ramón is making the coffee.

Ah, I can smell it from here ...
(I wonder what the cat thinks of it though.)

It's always a pleasure to have a good cup of coffee, and chatting over it with your best friend most certainly adds to the fun.

Wishing you all a nice Sunday afternoon! ^_^

3 Jun 2016

A Mystery

While taking a stroll down Skeleton Lane, the kids caught sight of a peculiar notice:

"We are looking for our dog.
He's an important family member to us.
So, if you find him, please contact us
at this number: XXX-161-714"

Now, the text itself is normal enough; it was the photo of the dog above it that piqued the kids' curiosity, for the dog that went missing is literally a skeleton!

A strange notice was exactly what kids on a boring Saturday afternoon needed.


"Surely, the dog couldn't have been alive if it's a skeleton when it had gone missing.  How could it have vanished into thin air?"

"Did someone steal his remains?  But why in the world would anyone outside his family do that?"

"Humm, what if ... "


"What if it was the dog himself who had taken it into his head to go adventuring a bit in his skeleton form?"

"You're out of your mind!"

"No, I'm not!"

"Yes, you are!"

"Perhaps ... perhaps he's not.  There're simply too many things that we don't know about the universe.  Maybe, what he said is possible ... " 


This was how they spent the entire Saturday afternoon in the backyard after their stroll down Skeleton Lane, trying to solve a mystery that might remain unsolved until the end of time.

Well, kids are kids.

They love mysteries, and they never grow tired of them.